Friday, July 16, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

A few things to update you on.

My brother asked about my lawn-mowing. What lawn mowing?

Yeah, that's right. I don't do it anymore. You see, have a (slave) nephew that I (demand) ask to come and do the job for me.

Until I figure out how to mow with two toddlers sitting on my lap. It's just easier this way cause you know. It's summer. He doesn't have anything else to do. (Besides his own chores, his own lawn, feeding his cows and pigs, swimming, etc.) Plus, these guys love to mow the lawn with a riding lawn mower. I have another brother that is begging to come up and mow the law for me. Why not let the kids have some fun? Heck, if they love it so much, they can do it. Cause I surely don't love it...

Doesn't he look great?


Moley had another batch of kittens. Yep, it's true! The little turd. We came home from our June vacation and she was fat. She had them a few weeks ago now.

Here's the story. I walked out into the garage and heard some teeny tiny meowing. I looked around and I found this.

Yes, that is Moley in a box of Christmas lights. How comfortable, huh? Strange cat.

So I got after her, put my gloves on, and picked her and her kittens up and put them in a box with towels. Much better.

She ended up with FIVE kittens. And they are pretty cute. There are only two kittens left from her last litter. It's interesting living in the country. It's has it's own pet control. Poor cats get eaten and run over very easily. Sad, but true. So the two that are still alive are at my neighbor's house catching mice, and she's grateful. And I might already have owners for four of these cats. Everyone needs a cat up here. It's cheaper than dozens of mouse traps in your house.


  1. I can't believe she chose a box of Christmas lights! Ugh and ouch! If I were you I wouldn't be out on the lawn mower either.

  2. My Dad has mown the lawn with 3 toddlers on his lap before. It didn't look very comfortable though. He prefers 1 or 2. But when necessity calls...

    When we lived in Utah our dog would eat mice. If I ever move somewhere again where there are mice I think I might just get a cat. Even though I'm not a huge fan of them. But cats are MUCH better than mice. Blegh.