Saturday, April 30, 2011

More about the Cat

So, I've mentioned before, that our cat, is most likely, part human. Or was human in another life and re-incarnated to be a cat in this life. (Although I wonder why she was downgraded since she's an amazing cat..)
Anyway, the husband always makes fun of me because Moley really does have conversations with you. I mean, you can't understand what she is saying, but her meow's are perfect timing. You say something, she meows. You answer, she meows.  It's quite fun.
So.. the other day, she was crying at the door. I said to my husband, "What is Moley whining about it?" He answered with a smirk, "I don't know, why don't you ask her?" hahaha. Very funny!

But the best thing is that today, while I was sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch, the husband came home. As he was walking through the door, I heard him say something, but couldn't understand him. I thought he might be bringing someone inside with him. When no one followed him, I asked him who he was talking to.  He said, "Moley."  I totally cracked up.
I just reminded him that I wasn't the only crazy one.  Loved it!

Speaking of Moley, here is her cute new litter of kittens. About 4 weeks old now. They are all a little scared but nice. Except for the black and white one that is hiding in the back. It's a mean one already. Must be male. The little thing already bit me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Husband is Funny I announced before, we are expecting. No, not another cow, our very own baby. Since I'm due in September, we have come upon the exciting time of pregnancy when we get to have a big ultrasound and as part, find out the gender of our next child.
I had to shop around for the best price, and when I told my husband what it would cost, it was still too much for him.  His response?

"Why don't you just call my cousin, the vet. He's got an ultrasound machine!"j

I laughed out loud. He's so clever.  It was pretty funny.  And now I'm tempted to ask his wife if they ever used it for fun.  I'd also be tempted to ask to use it if ever I wanted to make sure baby was okay in there. Ya know, just when I get paranoid cause they've been sleeping for a long time and not wiggling.

So funny or not, I think this is very good information. Hah!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gopher Bait

So yesterday, I decided to make a trip to town.  Not the close town, but the farther away town. I never know how people here distinguish that, but for some reason, whenever you say that you are going to "town" everyone knows which town you mean. I still have yet to figure that out and how it works. That's why I had to clarify it for you, because I do not believe that it is a universal understand. I think it's just something about living here.
For example, when I told my husband that I wanted to go to town today, he said, "Oh, well if you are going to town, then can you pick up something for the farm?"  Of course, why not. It's always good to consolidate our errands, especially when they are 45 minutes away.
I asked him what he needed. He told me that they had ordered gopher bait from the supply depot. Okaaay. So I had him write down where the supply depot was.
As I'm pulling out of the driveway this is what he said to me:
"Okay, hon. So gopher bait is basically poison. Ask them to load it into your trunk so you don't have to. They should give you 100 pounds. Under any circumstances, don't puncture the bag.  And if you decide to buy groceries or anything, I wouldn't put it next to the bait. Maybe pile them in the front seat or something."

I called back, "This sounds like a great thing for a pregnant woman to be doing along with her two toddlers!"

The risks you take for love.

So I went.  I pulled into the depot, stayed in my car, and popped my truck.  They loaded it. I never saw it.  I did buy groceries and they sat right next to me in the passenger's seat and under my kids' feet.

It's been 24 hours and we are all thankfully alive.

But the gophers? They soon will be dead.