Monday, April 11, 2011

The Husband is Funny I announced before, we are expecting. No, not another cow, our very own baby. Since I'm due in September, we have come upon the exciting time of pregnancy when we get to have a big ultrasound and as part, find out the gender of our next child.
I had to shop around for the best price, and when I told my husband what it would cost, it was still too much for him.  His response?

"Why don't you just call my cousin, the vet. He's got an ultrasound machine!"j

I laughed out loud. He's so clever.  It was pretty funny.  And now I'm tempted to ask his wife if they ever used it for fun.  I'd also be tempted to ask to use it if ever I wanted to make sure baby was okay in there. Ya know, just when I get paranoid cause they've been sleeping for a long time and not wiggling.

So funny or not, I think this is very good information. Hah!


  1. My sister worked at a Doctor's office for a while that had an ultrasound machine. She would sometimes use it to look at the baby. The Doc didn't seem to mind, or maybe she never told him. I'm not sure which. I was so jealous because we were pregnant at the same time and I only got 1 ultrasound and she could see her baby whenever she wanted. :(

  2. Hahaha! Leave it to a man to come up with the cheaper 'alternate' solution...although I would totally be tempted!

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