Friday, November 19, 2010


A few days ago, this family lost their horse, Sadie. One morning she just lied down and was gone. My husband thinks Sadie was between 20-25 years old. I guess he's got to look it up or ask his dad for sure. But it's sad to lose an animal, especially a horse that you grew up with. I hear that Sadie was such a good horse. The family was sad to hear that she was gone, but it was probably time. She was getting really old. I was talking to my sister in law who said that her family was saddened by the news. Her 8 year old son asked if they would be able to travel from out of state to come up for the funeral. Too cute. Horses are amazing animals, and this one has a lot of memories with this family.
I took a few pictures a while ago. I don't really have any recent ones, but these will work. The grandkids loved to go for rides around the house with Sadie.
May 2006 023
May 2006 019
May 2006 014
May 2006 005
In those last pictures, you can see her daughter, Deni, in the background.
I thought that Deni would be a little distraught when her mother died. I thought maybe she would stay close to her. But she didn't act any differently. Or so I thought. I soon found out I was wrong.
My husband got the tractor so that he could lift Sadie's body and take her out of the pasture. He drove in and then he called me to see if I could come and help keep Deni from running out of the gate. I didn't think that would be a big deal since Deni likes to run away from people anyway.
So I went out there and Deni was VERY concerned that my husband was taking her mother out of the pasture. It was so sad. Deni was running all over the place and neighing as loud as she could. She was quite upset. And she wasn't scared of me anymore! The farmer drove out of the gate and Deni almost got out. Luckily I wasn't trampled, and luckily I was able to keep her in and hurry and shut the gate. Deni was not happy as the tractor drove away. Poor horse! She kept that up for a while, but by morning she was calm again. Now she seems okay, but it was quite the day. Sadie will be missed by this family!

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  1. That is sad, especially how Deni knew that something was wrong.