Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jack Rabbits

In a cottage in the woods,
A little old man by the window stood,
Saw a rabbit hopping by,
Knocking at the door.
"Help me! Help me, sir!" he said
Before the farmer shoots me dead
"Come on in," the little man cried.
"Warm up by the fire."

I used to sing this song when I was little. And it always made me think that farmers were so mean. This farmer wanted to shoot a cute little rabbit! Rabbits are harmless, right?
Well, let me just say that there are tons of rabbits around here. It's kinda cool.  They even turn white in the winter, just like I learned in grade school. We actually have one living on the edge of our property. I'm not so sure that's very smart with the dog that lives here also. I see his tracks heading back to that spot day after day.
Anyway, apparently there is a rabbit living at our feed lot.  And apparently, farmers don't like rabbits. They get in their grain and eat it! Just like this rabbit is doing to out grain! So now I understand the reason this song was written. Not that this farmer is going to be shooting any rabbits anytime soon. They are just not as cute and cuddly as I once thought they were...

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