Monday, February 22, 2010

Pregnant Cows

As my cowboy and I were driving along the highway the other day, we passed a field where our cows were grazing. This was our conversation:

Me: So how many cows are pregnant, total?

Him: Oh about 80 ish

Me: Wow, that's going to be a lot of babies!

Him: Yup

Me: Geez, how many bulls does it take to get 80 cows pregnant?

Him: Oh we usually put three bulls in a group with 80 cows.

Me: .....Oh wow. And they just go at it and do their job huh? Like how long are they together, a few days or something?

Him: Um....No...the whole summer.

Me. Ah, I see. That makes better sense. And they impregnate all the cows they are with? Holy cow!

Him: Um.....No, we put them in a few groups of cows and then end up with 80 pregnant cows.

Me: Okay, I see. So the bulls still pick and choose. Poor cows that don't get if male cows are called bulls, then what are female cows called?

Him: Cows.

Me: Hah hah! What? They have to have a name, that's not fair. Then where does "heffer" come from? Is that a bad name or something?

Him: No, we call the virgins, "heffers."

Me: So the virgin cows are called "heffers." So what about "steers?" Are they young males? Before they become bulls?

Him: No they are neautered males.

Me: Oooooo. Steers are never to be become bulls. Steers meet their fate at castrating at branding time. Can't wait for that this year!

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