Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Just a Few Random Things...

I'm pretty behind on this blog. Some of the reasons include:

Trying to save our plants from being killed by the frost....

Yes, we bundle them up in blankets, don't you do the same on those cold nights?

Look how shivered, and wilted they are! No! Don't die!


And other BIG reasons include HARVEST TIME!

The cowboy has been spending his time harvesting wheat, fixing the combine (big machine you have to have to harvest the wheat, unless you want to pick each stem and shake it yerself), cutting hay, fixing something, baling straw, fixing the combine again.
It's been busy.

And then even with all of that, he has time to do this:

Pretty much, he's in charge of the canning. Is anyone else's husband like this? I mean, I don't mind it, but usually the wife is in charge, right?

It's kinda nice to have him doing all the work, and I just get to stand and peel tomatoes. :)

And voila! (Here's half of them, at least!)

What you do not see pictured yet are our many jars of pears, peaches, and jams. Plums and applesauce to come. I've tried drying peaches and apples too. The apples worked out, but the peaches did not....There's a learning curve here.. for this new farmer's wife! (Don't even ask me about my beans. That's a touchy subject...)

Oh, and the other thing? Moley, the cat, is not doing her job! We've been catching a lot of these critters. I'm not so happy about that.
Not only are they gross, but my 2 yr old usually sleeps on the floor and ever since one ran across the room, I will not put him on the floor. So he's been in my bed for a month. Darn mice. I want my bed back!


  1. Wow. You guys have been busy! Sorry about the beans, whatever happened. And sorry about the mice, too . . . ICK! You have to be a real problem solver to be a farmer (or a farmer's wife)!

  2. I totally will let Tim to do the canning around here. YOu're not alone. And I feel like it's my job too. Gross mouse!!!