Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ox in the Mire

Or in our case, "Pivot in the Mud."

Last Sunday, just before dark, my husband asked me to come and help him while he pulled the pivot out of the mud. Again, this is a pivot:
Pivot 2

And one of the wheels was stuck deep in the mud so the pivot was not pivoting....

So I got in the "outfit" :) ....the old pick-up truck that was my husband's grandmother's truck and drove down to the field where the pivot was.

Now, here is an important detail. It was POURING RAIN outside.

I pulled up to the control panel that had huge warning labels of "Possible Electric Shock"
....while my husband put a chain on the part of the pivot that was stuck, and connected it to a tractor. When he gave me the word, I pushed a few buttons, and he started pulling on the pivot with his tractor/chain combo.

After a few minutes, and lots of rain, the pivot was unstuck. It wasn't so bad.

So I got back in the pick-up and tried to drive out of the field. But now I was stuck in the mud! The cowboy tried to push me out, but once we got it to budge, it got stuck again. Good thing we already had a tractor and chain because now it was dark. My husband had to find a place to hook on the chain, which happened to be on the back of the truck. Then he pulled me out of the field, while I had to steer in reverse, in the dark and in the rain.

That's about as much adventure as this farmer's wife can handle in one day.

The end.


  1. Oh, Natalie! You are learning so many new things! Is that good or bad? He he! :)

  2. Hahah. I don't know. We'll say good. I'm enjoying it, plus it always gives be a good blog story to tell!