Monday, June 21, 2010

How To Skin a Copperhead Snake

Well, as I promised, here we go!

The day after the "Snake Bite Episode," they got the dead, headless snake out of the pillowcase and my husband decided to skin it for his brother. My husband.

As I have written on this blog before, he has many hidden talents, that have now come to surface since we've moved to the farm. Apparently this is one of them. I have never seen him skin a snake in the 5 years we have been married, but here we go!

First you have to get a razor, and split the skin down the middle of the belly...starting from top to bottom.


Then you just start pulling it away from the tissue of the snake. It's very slick.
......No pun intended...okay, pun intended. :)

Almost to the tail-end!
(Yes, that one was intended too..)

There you go - snake skin, and snake insides.
Would any science students like to dissect this snake for us?

Oh, and I helped with the proceedure too, are you impressed? No...those are not my hands helping him. I was the one who found that stick!

Now you just have to roll up the snake skin on the stick.
(Hey, anyone else notice the farmer-tan-arms above?)


Then you soak it in some alcohol....rubbing alcohol.
My favorite part about the above picture is that the jar says,
"So Close to Homemade."

So now what do you think we should do with it? It was suggested that we make him a snake-skin belt. What do you think? A belt? A Plaque? Boots?


  1. This is really funny! I wish you had talked about all the guts we can see in one of the pictures and what they do. . .but I'm probably a little morbid, so maybe not :).

    Maybe a belt? I have only ever seen snakeskin around cowboy hats, so I have no idea what can be done with them. You'll post about it, right? I'm so glad you took pictures of this!

  2. Hahah... I only didn't post that because I have NO idea what they are. There was a weird, bright green ball in the guts, and no one knew what it was. I guess cause we are not scientists. We are farmers. Hee hee hee.

  3. Nat, yuck.....I HATE snakes....I will have to send you a pick of Kaebrie's thnaak......

    Love reading your blog, it makes me laugh...and miss you!......

    I will be doing a show in Island Park the second week of July. Any where close to you?....stop and say hi if it is!

    Love you!