Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, Since we are on a snake-kick...

Are you grossed out with snakes yet? I am! Especially from what happened last night.

We had a lot of family over at our house for dinner, and just as we pulled out the gallon of ice cream from the upstairs freezer, my nephew pulled out a gallon bucket from my downstairs freezer.

Do you see what's in there? Want a closer look?


And I thought finding frozen cow hearts was bad enough.


Isn't that snake about the yuckiest thing you've ever seen? I can not believe it froze like that. I mean, you can tell that it was an angry snake 'til the end of it's life.....freezing to death.

I posted this crazy find as a status on my facebook page. This prompted my sister-in-law to call immediately and she said, "You found the frozen snake?! My dad will be so happy. He has been looking for that!"

Oh great. lol

She told me it was about 10 years old, and wasn't it so cool-looking? Uh, sure. Hahaha. She also told me that she took it to her work one day and put it on the chair of her co-worker. Oh, that would be a good practical joke. Can you imagine? That thing would scare ya to death! WOW!

So we started discussing snakes. She thinks they are cool. She asked, "Haven't you ever played with a blow snake or a garden snake? It is so much fun! If you would just play with one once, you would really like snakes!"


Sorry to say this sis, but probably not.

By the way, we put the snake back in the freezer. I'm too scared that if it thaws, it's going to come back to life!

Plus, I guess the father-in-law still wants it.....


  1. I have played with garter snakes before and it has not changed my mind. I can handle anything but snakes. Blech! That is a crazy frozen snake. I can't believe people freeze snakes! That is a great idea, if you like snakes!

  2. 10 years old?! It's been in the freezer for that long?! Oh my! And yes, that is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I must say that I am very glad that I was not the one to have found that icky creature. Yikes!