Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Have Some Big News...

...... Moley is pregnant!

So we've been on vacation for over a week, and I had not seen Moley for about two weeks prior to that. Remember how she went on vacation? This was about as close as I ever got to her. So I knew she was alive.
Anyhow, we got back from our vacation late last night. I just went out to the garage this evening, and for the first time in weeks, she decided to come home and eat. She looked a bit chubby, so I went over to pet her. Um, I'm pretty sure that is a pregnant belly. I don't think she's been eating too many mice....especially since I found one in my basement this morning. Plus, Ladd also agrees with me so we are safe to say, "She expecting." Maybe we should just continue the trend and see how many litters she can have this year. What do you think?

Hold on, let me google the gestational period of a cat...Wow, it's only about 9 weeks. Geez, how would that be? It also said that the cat's stomach will swell noticeably around the 5th week. So I figure we have only about a month, but it could be less. I will have to ask my mother-in-law, since Moley is hers and she has done this before. we go again! Babies the end of February, now babies by mid July. So that makes the next litter due in November-ish? I'll keep you posted....


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