Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Phone Call

Me: Hello?

Lady: Hi, this is Jill from the Department of Water Resources. I'm just calling to see if your irrigation well is still on?

Me: Hahaha...heeheehee... Oh good question. I have no idea what you are talking about.

Lady: Oh, okay then. (Chuckles). Is anyone there who would know?

Me: No, they are not, but I could call my husband and ask him for you. He would be the one to know. We just moved here, and I don't know anything.

Lady: Oh okay. That's no problem. Just give me a call back when you get the chance. I need to come out there and get a sample from your well.

Me: Oh okay. Sounds good. I will call you back then.


Me: Hey, hun. Is the irrigation well still on?

Him: Yeah, why? (Sounding a little surprised that I would ask a question I knew nothing about)

Me: Well a lady from the Department of Water Resources needs to come out and take a sample from it.

Him: (Understanding now) Oh, okay. Yeah it is. But tell her it's going to only be on for 2 more days.

Me: Gotcha.

And then I relayed the message to her.

But you know, I was thinking. There's going to come a point where I can't say, "I just moved here and don't know anything.." because sooner or later, I will NOT have just moved here. I'll just have to tell them, "Sorry, I just don't know anything." Being new to the farm won't be a valid excuse anymore!

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  1. I think it is hilarious that he calls it "changing water." I'm learning a lot from your blog! I think you can say that you are a newby even if you have lived there for a couple of years ... that's a lot less than living there your whole life!