Sunday, August 29, 2010

Work is Play and Play is Work

My sister-in-law grew up on a potato farm. A HUGE potato farm not too far from here. She said that her dad always used to tell this to her and her siblings. Well, we met her dad last night. And guess what he told us. Yep. "Work is Play and Play is Work." That's the motto you've got to live by. And by golly, he's been successful, so it must be true.

At least I think it's true. You get out here in the country, with these down-to-earth farmers, and they work their brains out. They are always working. You can see them in the middle of the day, and you can see the lights on their tractors in the middle of the night. It might be crazy, but they love it.

Cause you know, what guy doesn't want to work, and drive this around all day...
images (1)

or this....

or this?

I mean, lots of little boys start playing with trucks and tractors before they can even talk. Aren't these guys up here just livin' their dreams? Seriously. Every time we told a guy that we were moving to farm they would exclaim how jealous they were and how they would love to live and work on a farm. (And all their wives would look at me with pity in their eyes and say, "Oh I could never do what you are doing. I could never move to a farm!) We started to find it quite entertaining because the same scenario would happen over and over as we told each couple of our life-change.

Anyway. Work is play and play is work. It's hard work, but for some reason, they love it. Maybe it's cause in between the hard stuff they meet up again at the quonset, a piece of wheat hanging out of their mouth, lean against the tractors, and shoot the breeze with the other guys. I've seen this plenty of times too....

By the way.... I had to look up the spelling for "quonset." I would have spelled it "quansit." And.. I just found out that's what the big structure is siting outside of our house.
Who knew? Obviously not me. Not until our Aunt called and asked if a certain truck was parked by the quonset. I said, "Quonset? What's a quonset."
And she said, "Oh... that big metal building in front of your house."


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  1. My brother inlaw moves dirt and he describes the world as his sandbox. Brey also mentioned yesterday that he was sad we never got to go up and spend time with you on the farm. Have fun! I sure love reading about it!