Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our New Pet, Bear

We got a new dog! His name is "Bear." (For the time being...)

Because, what's a farm, without a dog, right?

I was totally on board with this idea. I know, it's crazy, but it's true. For some reason I decided I would like having a dog around. And I'm going to be so nice to him so he will protect me at nights when my husband has gone off baling or whatever. Him and my gun under the bed. I'm all set.

And, I think he already likes me. Yeah, it's working! He's such a happy, friendly dog!

We got a great deal on. My husband has always wanted a dog, so I asked him about it. Asked him if it was time to get a dog, and he thought that was a great idea. So I hopped onto Craig's list and found a family who didn't have time to care for their energetic dog anymore. They even posted, "He would be a great farm dog!" I told my husband that he was an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix and he said, "That's the dog I want, right there." So we called the owner and a few days later, he was off to pick him up. He came neutered, vaccinated, and with plenty of toys, a leash, and even a kennel. For free.

We brought him home and since it was late, we put him on a leash and tied him up for the night. He did not...stop...barking..all..night. The poor dog. Everyone else could sleep through it, but I had to go downstairs.

In the morning, he got to experience his first day as a farm dog and he seemed to love it. So did my husband. He went everywhere with him. They went to check on the pumps, the cows, change water, and whatever else they do. Then he hung out with him at the shop.

They found a dead cat in the combine from last year. Bear tried to eat it. Gross, gross, gross. But then he got to meet our real-life cat. Moley came over to check him out. I actually think she was trying to let him know who was boss.

She wasn't really afraid of him.

He kind of gave her a snarl. They sniffed each other and I thought that was that. I was pleased. And then Moley attacked his face. Bear chased her off. Hopefully they will get used to each other! The rest of the day, Moley gave him warning meows, but didn't bother him again.

Oh, and as for the name, "Bear," my husband doesn't like it. He says that he wants to name him something else. I pulled off a huge list of dog names from the internet. He didn't like any of them. I think of new ones and suggest them to him randomly. He still hasn't liked any. I keep saying, "Honey, this dog needs a name! You need to choose!"

I feel like we are going through the names for our children again. I swear, it was the same. He didn't like anything! The problem here, is that we don't have a deadline. I'm not leaving the hospital with "Bear" tomorrow and I don't have paperwork for his birth certificate to fill out. So I'm afraid it's going to take a LONG time for this dog to get a name. This is why, for our next child, my husband and I made a deal that I, yes I, would get to name it all by myself. :)


  1. Our dog's name is Chase. Just an idea for you. What a lucky dog! Every dog dreams about living on a farm. Only a select few get to actually live the dream.

  2. Fun to have a dog around! I love dogs! I'm glad you get to name the next kid . .. :)

  3. How about Trigger? Joel and I met a dog named trigger once, and it was such a perfect name for that dog. It was jolly and had plenty of energy.