Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Calving Records

Yesterday, I was watching my husband on the computer as he was entering in information about the calves from last year.  You see, every cow is tagged so they know which is which and what they need them for. So, when the momma cows have babies, that's all recorded too.  
Here is a sample for ya:

(*The real numbers have been changed to respect the privacy of the momma cows..)

I thought his comments were amusing. But I did have to ask him what a switch was. "Hun, what's a switch and why does that calf have one?"
He had to explain to me that his comment meant the calf had a white switch and that a switch is the end of it's tail. Very interesing.

Then I kind chuckled at him and said, "Hun, under 'sex' why are you putting in 'boy' and 'female'? Why don't you use 'male' instead of 'boy.'" ha ha ha hee hee.

Then he explained that it meant, "bull", not "boy."


Well, then why don't you put an 'h' for "heifer" instead of "female."

His response? Cause that's just the way the do it.

Makes sense, right?

By the way, a cow already had a calf last week. That was a surprise birth.  They have no idea how it got pregnant so early last year.  Guess she got around.

Looks like we'll really get going again here soon, starting in February. It's calving season!

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