Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pure Country

So we turned the TV on last night, and of course, as most husbands do, mine ended up with remote control. He started flipping through the channels when he found the movie, "Pure Country."
He stopped to watch it for a while.
I was amused, as it's a little bit older, so I started talking about it.
Me:  So, would you like it if I wore Wranglers like that? Clear up to my ribs?
Him:  Nope. I don't like girls in Wranglers.
Me:  What?! But YOU wear Wranglers. Hah. That's so funny. You really don't like girls in them, huh?
Him:  Nope. Never have.
Me: Well sheesh. I don't like Wranglers at all, but I don't complain that you wear them. But still, you can't just say that it's okay for you to wear them and not for me. I think I'll go buy a pair now.
Him: No comment

A little while later I asked, "Honey, is this movie about a celebrity or something?"
Him: Have you never seen this before?!
Me: No
Him: It's about George Strait. That's him right there! I can't believe you didn't know that!
Me: That's hilarious. Sorry honey. I'll start working on my Country Celebrities...

Then a little while later there was this romantic part where they were dancing together and falling in love. I said, "Hun, why don't we stand up and dance with them. It's so romantic."
He just said, "You can't. Remember how you don't feel well?"
He's so romantic. Aren't cowboys supposed to be romantic? Does somebody have that rule-book somewhere that tells how all cowboys are romantic? I need that book to show him...So that we can ride off into the sunset together....


  1. I love that movie! Mostly because I love George Strait's music :)

  2. You've never seen Pure Country?!? What kind of farmer's wife are you? Every time I hear the song "She thinks My Tractor's Sexy" I think of you. We rode in the same car together for a JP tour down to St. George. It came up that you hated that song. I thought it was funny. My Dad collects old farm tractors so that is my Mom's theme song. And now it really should be yours. "She's even kind of crazy 'bout my farmer's tan... She thinks my tractor's sexy!" :)