Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preg Testin' and Butchering

The other day, my husband's cousin asked him if he'd come and help him preg test some cows.  Of course he said he would help, even though it was a blizzard. Man these guys. The weather doesn't deter them!  As he was getting ready to leave I said, "Hey, I have an old pregnancy test in the drawer, if you want to use that."  He just rolled his eyes and gave me a weird look. I wonder why? Just tryin' to be helpful!

Then a few days later, I found out they had been down at the barn butchering a calf.  I guess the calf had some neurological disorder, so they thought this would be the best thing.  He and a couple other guys did it themselves.   They put some of the "specialties" on the tailgate of the pick-up.... like the heart and the liver and such.  But when they weren't looking, our dog snuck up and stole the heart!  They were pretty upset with him. But I'm sure he didn't care. He got to enjoy a pretty great treat.  Just like that old deer bone he found the other day and was chewing on....

So there you have it.  Two very fun chores that my husband got to participate their normal or something.


I am saving you from any pictures at this time.  Yes, you are welcome.

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