Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eventful day in the land of reproduction...

So yesterday was an annoying day for our bulls.  It was "Sperm Count" day.  Here they've been all winter, minding their own business and just eating, eating, eating. Then today? They were met with electric shocks.
I guess we have to make sure that they are still fertile before we send them out with the females this summer. It's important to have a lot of calves born in the spring.  I forgot to ask if they all passed the test.  And no, I didn't provide a picture for you.

But speaking of fertility, our cat also proved to us that she remains extremely fertile. She had a littler of kittens yesterday. She had SIX. No wonder she was so fat.  Sadly, one of them died, so we have 5 now. I was a little perturbed that my husband didn't tell me until after she was done. Stinker. He knows I like to be there for births!

But the funny thing is that HE had to be there, per Moley's insistence. Apparently, she climbed into the dogs bed, and when Ladd saw blood, he grabbed a box and and old sheet. She jumped right in.  Then he left her to do her thing and she came out to the garage and started crying at him. He followed her back to the box to where she jumped back in and started birthing again.  He stayed and watched for a while. As soon as he left, there she was, back out of the box crying at him. As soon as he returned, she jumped back in and pushed out another one. What an interesting cat.  Hahaha. She wanted someone to be there with her. Of course, my mother-in-law thought this was a great story. I can see why Moley is such a great cat. People will think I'm crazy, but she really does talk to you. You ask her a question and she meows and purrs right back.  She's always talking in conversation form. It's pretty amusing. I'd love to take her to an animal psychic just to see what she's saying. hahaha.

Anyway, there's an update for you. Our animals are fertile. Well, except for Baxter. He's fixed. Which is a good thing.


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