Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tonight my cowboy said, "So ya wanna come do chores with me?"
Yes! I really did. I wanted to see everything that he did when he says "Going to do chores." Plus I thought the kids needed to get out of the house for a bit.

So we bundled up and got in the work truck....right next to a rifle. (Mom, stop reading.) Yeah, he just had his rifle just hanging out in the truck with us.

Oh and do I need to mention that we didn't wear seatbelts either? I'm thinking that's pretty normal around here.

So off we went down to one lot to pick up the tractor. I found out that the real reason my cowboy asked me to come with him. Not just for the fun but because he needed someone to drive the truck back to the other lot while he drove the tractor over there.

Good thing I know how to drive a stick shift.

So JJ hopped in the tractor with his dad, and me and Bo drove the truck back down the highway to another field where they keep another stack of hay. He drove in by the hay and I waited for him on the road. Pretty soon I turned and he was waving to me, telling me to come in by the hay. Oh, okay. So I drove in and slid all over in the mud. That was my first off-road experience of my life, and I did quite well, I think.

I soon found out that I was supposed to be in there so that my cowboy could load a big bale of hay onto the back of the truck. Ah, it made sense now.

My cowboy left the tractor there, and drove us up to the "feed lot." We got out and the cows were SO scared of our little kids. I couldn't believe it. But my cowboy said that is was because they have never really seen little kids, or don't see them very often.

I was cracking up. Usually my cowboy shovels the hay into their feeding trays (or whatever you call them. troughs?) and the cows come right over to eat. But this time they just stood there watching JJ. He was walking around right where they were supposed to eat. Not a cow budged forward....for quite some time. Finally a couple of brave cows ventured forward to try and get something to eat. JJ moved and they sprung backwards running the whole way. We finally had to leave so that they would eat. I found that quite funny!

Then my cowboy opened up a gate and drove the truck right into the middle of a WHOLE bunch of BIG cows. He stopped and told me to get out and drive. I said, "Are you serious? There's a cow RIGHT there!" He was serious. So I was brave. I got out and ran around the truck, right in the middle of all those big cows. Good thing they were more interested in the hay on the back of the truck.

So then I had to "put it in first,and drive around in a circle the out the gate." Okay, so I did it but I was timid and kept tapping the brake. Meanwhile my husband was on the back of the truck trying to dump hay off as we went. I'm sure I was making him lose his balance, so finally after yelling at me a few times, I figured how to leave it in first, and quit tapping the brake out of nervousness...

Then we were done. Very exciting, don't you think? I might have to do it again sometime. I need to get some pictures to post.

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