Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My First Time to the Post Office

Our Post Office

It was about 9 o'clock at night when my cowboy asked me if I would go to the post office to get the mail. Yes, we do not have our very own mailbox. Nothing comes to our least I don't think so. I'll have to check about UPS or Fed EX. But so far, all the packages we have gotten, have been left at the post office. So it is true. Everyday we have to drive into our little town to get our mail.

So I asked my cowboy where the key was to our PO box. He told me it was hanging on the steering wheel in the truck, right next to the truck keys. Of course! How could I forget that we put ALL our keys inside of our unlocked vehicles. Silly me.

Then I listened patiently to my cowboy explain where exactly our box was in relation to all the other boxes in the post office. (There must be thousands of them, right?) So I understood why he feared I might lose my way amongst all the boxes....

I figured I would be fine because last time I checked, I could count up to 300. (Total population.)

I drove to the post office and walked in with confidence. I found our box, no problem. I stuck my key in, and of course it did not turn. I looked closer at the numbers and realized I had a dyslexic moment, so I paid more attention and found our correct box. (Out of the thousands, may I remind you.)

I grabbed our mail, got back in the car, and out to the highway. Do you know that it is REALLY dark at night in the country? I mean, you don't get to experience that in the city. Out here I understand what they mean when they say"pitch black." It's very black, and very dark. I forgot to leave the lights on for myself so when I got home, I had to feel my way to back door. That was a scary situation. I just kept thinking about all the coyotes and how they come around to eat the placentas. I hoped that a placenta wasn't nearby, but I couldn't tell for sure. It was too dark.


  1. "Last time I checked I could count to 300 (total population)" . .. Ha ha! SO Funny! I love your posts. Man, things are different out there!

  2. "Of course! How could I forget that we put ALL our keys inside of our unlocked vehicles. Silly me."

    That's my favorite quote of this post! HA!

    And ... I can't even begin to tell you how many memories reading your posts bring back to me. That little post office looks almost identical to the one I grew up with in my small town!

  3. I love your stories! FYI, as a tip you may like...I started carrying a tiny flashlight in my purse to avoid dark moments. Not that I've ever experienced feeling my way to my door but it has come in handy more than once! Keep your stories coming!