Monday, March 22, 2010


So we were getting ready for bed a couple of weeks ago when this conversation took place. I didn't post it until now, because, well, I didn't have a house key...
Door Knob
Him: I better get a new doorknob for the front door. It's got a lock on it like a bathroom door. All you have to do is poke it with a nail and it pops unlocked.
Me: Oh great, are you serious? I feel so safe now.
Him: It IS safe out in the country.
Me: It must be...cause everyone leaves everything open with their keys right inside! Like nothing's ever going to happen. I don't know if i can get used to that. Wait...did you just hear that noise?! Like a door opened!
Him: No one's gonna break in cause they know we are all armed out in the country.
Me: Oh yeah? We have a gun? Besides the rifle in your truck?
Him: Yep.
Me: Where
Him: There's a pistol under the bed.
Me: Oh wow
Him: I just don't know if it has any shells.
Me: hmmm. Hun, did you at least close the back doors? (They are usually wide open.)
Him: Yes
Me: Do they even lock at all?
Him: I don't know. Probably not.
Me: I need them to lock so I can sleep at night.
Him: Are you serious?
Me: Yes. Will you please get new doorknobs and locks?
Him: I guess.
Me: Thanks, goodnight.

So, the next time we went to "town," my cowboy picked up all new knobs and locks. He came home and installed them, and wahlah! We are now proud new owners of HOUSEKEYS! Can you believe that? Me neither. This will be something the in-laws will have to get used to. Or I guess they can re-install the bathroom doorknobs on the outside doors, when they get home, if they'd like.


  1. Too funny. That is sssoooooo different from where we are at. I ALWAYS have at least two locks locked on our front door; whether I'm home or not. And we live in a secure entry apartment complex! I would feel much better about life with locks on my doors if I were you.

  2. I don't know if I ever (and I mean EVER) locked our front door when I was growing up. And ... my mom kept a rifle next to her bed too - funny huh! And I KNOW I never locked my car door. Never ever.

    Now that I've lived in the city for as long as I have, I can't imagine that. But growing up, I didn't know any different!