Sunday, March 28, 2010

You Wanna Go, Where Everybody Knows Your Name!

So we have a "Home Phone" now that we live here. For the past few years, we've only been using our cell phones, so it's been a little bit of an adjustment to having 6 phones ring all at the same time when someone calls our home phone number (three upstairs and one downstaris...okay, so that's 4. It sounds like 6.) I think I've got to turn down the ringers a little bit, to reduce the startle when someone calls us.

But the big thing that I've got to get used to is not having Caller ID. I love Caller ID. You know what I mean? You see exactly who is calling!

Now the phone rings and it's a big mystery!! And I thought that mystery would be over soon after the first, "Hello, this is....." Come to find out, it's not. You see, in a small town, everybody knows each other, so it seems that they expect you to know who they are when they call too! I don't think I've had anyone introduce themselves on the phone as in, "Oh hi, this is Jane Doe calling.." I find thisquite amusing. And I think I've done pretty playing along and acting like I know exactly who is calling. And usually withing a few minutes into the conversation I either figure it out, or pass it onto my cowboy.

The other thing I need to get used to is waving to everyone on the road. It's like, once you get on the main roads in town and all the back roads, you assume you know everyone (which you probably do.) So everyone lifts their hand off the steering wheel as they pass, to wave hello. Unless you are my brother-in-law, then he swerves at you. But I've got to remember to wave at everyone or pretty soon I'm going to be the snobby one. I am making a conscious effort and am doing much better though.



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