Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just So You Know...

I have just been educated on a few things, that I would like to share with you.

There IS a difference between HAY and STRAW. They are not the same....
HAY is from alfalfa plants. STRAW is leftover stems from wheat, barley, oats, whatever else.

Just so you know.

AND...we all drive "PICK-UP's" here. Not trucks. Unless it's a big-rig, then you can call it a truck. But everything else is a "PICK-UP" not a truck. Those are the big diesels.

Moving on. When you have to spit, you don't "Huck a logie (low-gee)," you "Hock a lougie (loo-gee)."

And one more thing. When it's winter, and you want to take your car to a big parking lot to drive recklessly and spin in circles, you spin "cookies," not "donuts."

So in case you ever want to come and visit me, now you know the lingo. Because it's very important to know what to say when you have to spit.


  1. Woa - I've never even heard of "huck a low-gee!" I always grew up saying hock a lougie ... and of course they're cookies, not donuts! And yes, pick-ups are pick-ups and trucks are trucks.

    Nat, I'm so glad you're finally learning the correct language - farm life has been very good for you ;)