Sunday, March 14, 2010

If You Have a Weak Stomach, Look Away Now...

So one of the blogs I like to read now, is She also lives on a ranch in the country, and she seems like a really neat lady. She also has a husband who wears wranglers, so, you know. We are like the same now.

I ran into her blog, not too long ago. It was maybe a couple of months ago that I became one of her fans. My husband and I were preparing to move up here when I read THIS post on her site. It's about a uterine prolapse. Don't know what that is? Well, you can also SEE it on another blog post. (WARNING: If you follow that link you will see the full-on, perfect angle, photos!)

Want to know what it is without seeing photos? Well, It's when, after a mama cow has had her calf, her uterus just comes out. Like, it falls right out of her. Yes, her insides are inside-out. I was mortified! Maybe because I've had children of my own, and just can't imagine that! I mean, can you? Poor mama cow!


After reading that post a few months ago, I talked to my husband about it. I asked, "Uh, does this REALLY happen sometimes? And could it happen to you?! To your cows?"

And guess what he said.


But not very often, luckily. So I thought maybe we wouldn't have to worry about it.

I was wrong.

We were only here a week when he came back to the house and said. "Well, we had a cow prolapse."

I gasped, "You did! What did you do?"

He said, "Well, we moved it to a pen, and she just sucked it right back in."

How in the world? Sheesh, is that possible?You can suck your uterus back IN? I guess so. Phew, so we had nothing to worry about anymore.....

Until a few days later. It happened AGAIN! To the same cow! Fortunately my husband's cousin is a vet. He came and did the dirty work. Isn't that about the craziest, saddest thing you've ever heard of?

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  1. Love it! Love your blog. Sounds like quite an adventure!