Monday, March 1, 2010

More Babies and Scenery

While my husband helps cows deliver babies, I traveled to a few hours to a different city to help two women deliver babies! I am a doula, and I love it. What's a doula? Check out THIS website for more info.

So I was gone for a few days and many hours of labor. Such beautiful women and such beautiful births. I took the kids with me so that they could visit their grandparents, and we had a great time. Soon it was time to come home. As I was driving back to our new house, I decided to take some pictures to show you what the drive looked like and how it looks around where we live.

Kinda pretty, huh? Even in the bleak mid-winter?

See that white house? No, the one on the right side of the road...

It's getting closer....
You see, when my husband brought me up here for the first time 5 years ago, it was to meet his parents. It was to show me his life and where he grew up. As we got closer to this house, he started to slow down, like we were at our destination.

My first thought was, "How in the world did she raise NINE children in this?!"

Then he said, "Just kidding!" and we moved on...

See this little hill. Yeah, the one clear on the right? You will never believe what the name of it is. And that people in town refer to it all...the... time..

"Molly's Nipple."

I'm serious. Real name. Real landmark.

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