Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Doorbell


This is our doorbell.

It is so neat, huh? There's actually one chime missing. It was so long that JJ could reach it and bang it around. So I took it off. Don't worry. The doorbell still sounds the same. I was afraid it would miss a note, but it doesn't....I'm not quite sure how it does that....but it still sounds the same.

So about the doorbell. A few days after we moved in, someone rung it for the first time. It completely caught me off guard. It took me a second to realize someone was at the door. It was so exciting!

It was our cousin's wife. She is so beautiful and nice, and she was dropping off some medicine for the cows. Our cousin is a vet.

SO she explained to me why she brought a bucket of medicine instead of just a packet. Then she explained that he (my husband) might not need the ice packs but they were giving them to him anyway, and the medicine that was fragile. Got it.

Then she handed me homemade cookies, and warm loaf of bread. My eyes welled up with tears. It was so nice of her!

A few minutes later, there was a second ring of our doorbell. Girl Scout cookie delivery!! Thanks mom-in-law! I love this doorbell!


  1. Umm I think those girl scout cookies were supposed to come to me, especially if they are thin mints ;)

  2. Oh my gosh Natalie - I love you!