Thursday, May 6, 2010

Small Town Planning

A couple of guys from town, stopped by the other night to talk to Ladd. I had to tell them he was at a "Ditch Meeting," and I couldn't do it without laughing.Which seemed to amuse them, since they know I am from the city.

They told me that not too many city girls move up here. So we started talking about city life and country life. They joked that ya have to plan more when you live in a small town. Cause you have to plan when to go to the store, what to get, etc. Then they thought about it and said, "But ya know, in the city, you have to plan when to drive on the streets, and what direction so that you can avoid traffic."

THEN they said, "Wait, but up here you might have to plan for traffic sometimes too. During alphalpha season, you could get caught driving behind a swather AND a combine. Or sometimes you get caught behind a cattle drive. Although, that's pretty entertaining. But watch out, sometimes you just get stuck behind two farmers talking to each other in the middle of the road."

So there you go. We do have traffic jams up here.

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