Sunday, May 16, 2010


This past weekend, I've been doula-ing and sleeping! It was a great weekend. A beautiful baby girl was born early Friday morning to a happy mom and dad! It was a really neat experience, but probably one of the most challenging births I been to -as in challenging for my client. She had a lot of obstacles to get through and I was so impressed with her. She was amazing!
She delivered at the hospital that I will deliver at, after I get pregnant of course and then nine months later. :) It won't be for a little while, but as a doula, I plan these things. And now that I have been to that hospital, I know exactly what to emphasize in my birth plan. One of the topics being, "Please do not keep my baby away from me if my baby is healthy and breathing. I would like to hold her as soon as I can after she is born and not wait for her footprints to be marked on a piece of paper."


Thank you very much.

Yes, I am very passionate and opinionated about how I feel the ideal birth should be!
Hope I haven't said too much...
Post to ya later!

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