Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moley is on Vacation...

So our cat, Moley, has gone on vacation.

You see, we gave her kitties away to a neighbor a few days ago. So now that she's not caring for them, or attending to their needs,I think she went on vacation. It's only natural. I mean, when my babies get big enough, I'm ready for a vacation. You need a little break after birthing, nursing, and caring for them for so long. When they get big enough that someone else can help take care of them, it's nice to take a little get-away.

I have not seen Moley for days. She hasn't come home at night. She hasn't even come in the garage to eat. I know that she is on vacation, and not dead, because my husband sees her about once a day out in the fields, or near the shop, catching mice. Thus, my assumptions about her being on her own little vacation. I mean, before the next pregnancy comes along, she needs a little "Moley" time. I don't blame her. I can't imagine having quadruplets. A vacation would sound nice to me too.

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