Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Denny and Sadie

Those are the horses names. Denny and Sadie. They are both female. Can you tell that I asked my husband some questions last night?

I got the up-close shots of Denny. Although I never knew that Denny was a girl name. I always thought it was a boy name. Ya know, like Denny's the restaurant? Does anyone know if it was named after a male or a female?

Anyway, Sadie is a very old horse. He said they are just waiting for her to die. She is the one in the far distance. She actually doesn't look too great right now because her "winter coat is shedding."

Denny is fat. I thought so when I was taking her pictures, but my husband confirmed it for me. I asked if anyone rides them. He said no. I asked if they were still ride-able. He said sure, Denny is. If you can catch her. He said that she's very fast and fun to ride. Even though she is fat, and even though he hasn't ridden her for years. I don't know if I can call him a cowboy anymore, if he doesn't ride a horse. This may be cause for another discussion.

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