Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving Cows

So the other day, my cowboy had to move some cows. We drove past them earlier in the week and he said: I hope those cows don't get out.
Me: What do you mean?
Him: Well, they are used to crossing the road and going out into the field after branding.
Me: Are you serious? They would remember that from clear back, last year?
Him: Oh yeah, they are smart. They know exactly what they do and where they go. When we let them out into the mountain in the summer, they remember exactly where their water is and such.
Me: Are you kidding? I always just thought they were big and dumb. But I guess they ARE big. So they would have a big brain in their heads... Unlike goldfish. They forget every three seconds huh. It must be related to brain size, don't you think?
Him: Whatever honey.

So a few days after that conversation (my poor husband)...He came home in the afternoon and told me that they needed me to come out and flag.
Okay... so what is that?
He said, "We've got to move the cows across the highway, so I need you to come and flag traffic."
I pictured myself with an orange flag and vest, like a school crossing guard, but for cows.
I asked, "What do I do with the kids?"
He said, "You are staying in the car, you can bring them with."
So soon I found out that my job was to park alongside the highway facing oncoming traffic. I had to turn on my lights, and stick my arm out of the window and flap it. Ya know, cause that is the univesal sign to other cars that they need to slow down, cows are crossing the highway.
I had no clue, did you?
My cowboy said that everyone would know exactly what I was doing. I said, "Yeah, everyone except for any city girls that drive through. They will just wonder what that crazy person sitting on the side of the road flapping her arms, is doing. He didn't answer.

Here are all the cows waiting at the fence to move across the road. Wonder how they got them to gather right here?

Just put a truck full of hay in front of them, and they'll follow you wherever you go.

So then I drove to my post. I was to remain there for ten minutes. I parked, turned on my lights and waited for the first car.
As a white truck came around the bend, I stuck my arm out the window and started flapping, slowly. I decided that I better wave with my other arm, because as you know (if you have been reading) everyone in town waves to each other as we drive by. So I thought I better be friendly too. Good thing I did, cause I found out later that the white truck was my brother-in-law.
But anyway, I felt really goofy! hahaha. I felt like I was doing some sort of tap-your-head, rub-your-belly sort of thing.
But sure enough, everyone started slowing down. So I guess my cool moves really were a universal signal that cows were crossing the road up ahead.
Except for one girl. She came speeding around the bend, gave me a weird look, and didn't slow down. It was okay though, because enough cars in front of her were slowed down. That would have been a mess.
Soon, in the middle of my arm flapping, my husband's friend drove up to my car to tell me I was doing a great job. I told him I felt like the biggest dork in the world. He just started laughing. He said, "Don't worry, everyone knows what you are doing." I said, "I guess. It's working. "

Pretty soon I turned around. All of the cows had crossed the road except for two calves.

Who needs to ride a horse when you have a truck?

Or a ranger.


But if neither of those work, you can always try chasing them on foot.

Here are the rest of the cows in their new field.

My husband didn't get home until late that night. He commented that it took forever to catch those calves. He felt like they were chasing them all day and he was so frustrated. I had to laugh. Just because I thought, "Heck, I know what that feels like...chasing toddlers all day long!"


  1. Too funny! You should make this into a book and publish it someday.

  2. Wow, now that is the truth. And how smart were you to point out that a city girl might drive by. . .and she did?! That is funny.