Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Post About Moley

You will never believe this but...Moley's lover is back. Already! I mean, her babies aren't even two months old yet! And here's this wild tom cat back in our garage and roaming outside our house. He's been trying to get to the kittens. My husband says that it wants to kill them. What a nice daddy. We think it is because all the kittens are male. (My husband figured that one out. I cannot tell the difference! See previous post.)

So my cowboy had to chase the tom cat out of our garage a few times. Then when I came home the other day, I got to see him for myself. He was a dark, tiger striped cat. I went near him to try and chase me away and growled! A mean growl, just like a tiger! I had visions of being attacked by a tom cat, so I backed off a little bit. Never have I heard a cat growl like that!

Moley was out there too, and she was being so crazy. I think she was trying to show off for him, I've never seen her like that. She was running, and jumping, and rolling around in the dirt. I don't know what is wrong with her, but I think she might be part rabbit. We've lost track of how many litters kittens she's had in her lifetime. But we've figured she already has great-great grandchildren.

Anyway, these crazy cats finally went running out into the field together. Seriously. If she's pregnant again.....!


  1. Is your cowboy going to shoot this tomcat with Grandpa not there to do it? My hubby wants to know.

  2. He said he was going to, but it was running and hiding under the cars. Then when he didn't have his gun, it sat there as still as could be. :)