Monday, April 12, 2010

Crick: Part II

Here is the conversation we had driving back home, the next day!

Him: I'm gonna call to see what their prices are for steel trusses.

Me: What do you mean, we can't fit them in our car, can we?

Him: HAHAHAHAH!! Honey, do you know how long these trusses have got to be?! SIXTY feet!

Me: What?! I thought like 6 feet. Geez, how big is your "crick"? Whenever someone says "crick" I picture a little trickle of water.

Him: Well, it's not that big, but the pivot has to go across a part of it that curves, so it makes it wider, ya know what I mean?

Me: Yeah, but 60 feet?

Him: Yep. (Then his phone connected..) Hi. I was wondering if you made 60 foot steel trusses and how much they would cost. I've got a 6,000 pount pivot that has to cross over a creek."

Me: Honey, did you say "crick" or "creek?"

Him: I don't know.

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