Monday, April 12, 2010


So we were on our way out of town (WAY out of town) and as we are driving along the freeway, this is the conversation we had:

Him: I’ve gotta see what this place is called up here. They make metal trusses.

Me: And you need some metal trusses for….

Him: Well I need to put some down in the field so our pivot can cross over the crick.

Me: Do you always say “crick?”

Him: Not always.

Me: So you just say “crick” when you are in the country and creek when you are in the city?

Him: No just when I think about it, I say one or the other……Hey I’ve heard people in the city say “crick.”

Me: Yea, the ones that have moved from the country. I have NEVER said “crick.” It’s “creek.”

I even looked “crick” up in the dictionary. Just for fun.

Main Entry: 1crick

Pronunciation: \ˈkrik\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English cryk

Date: 15th century

: a painful spasmodic condition of muscles (as of the neck or back)


  1. When I was growing up, I had NEVER heard it pronounced "Creek." Isn't that funny? We had a little creek running through our property. But of course, it was pronounced crick! Jeff also thinks that's the funniest thing in the world! There was a really popular stream around where we lived. It was named Lick Creek. But I never even imagined it pronounced "Lick Cr-ee-k" because, of course, it was "Lick Crick!" :) Funny huh!

  2. That is so funny, I love it!!! Especially that you called that creek Lick Crick. hahaha

  3. Okay this is SO true... I have to say my Grandparents have a cabin outside of Duck Creek, Utah and my Grandma was ordering their medication over the phone to have it sent to a PO Box there and they resent it like 3 times because she kept telling the lady it was 'Duck Crick' and so the package was repeatedly returned to the sender, since according to the US government registry, no such town exists. She finally had to drive down into the "big town" and pick it up herself because she couldn't talk correctly :)

  4. Oh, that is a hilarious story! I love it. Duck Crick. :) :)