Friday, April 2, 2010

A Harrowing Experience

So it looks like the farmers are starting to get their fields ready. Does this mean spring is on it's way? The other day my husband said he needed to go do some harrowing. Yeah, had no idea what that was. I guess it's when they drag these spikes behind them to chop up the top layer of dirt. It's different than "plowing" because plowing goes deeper. Anyway, I may be corrected at a later date. (That happens when the husband starts reading the blog....)

So JJ was excited that it was a tractor day and went off with his dad to ride with him. He loves it. My husband called about an hour later and said that he was falling asleep, and since there was no where for him to sleep in the tractor, he asked me to come and get him. So I drove over to the field where he was working.IMG_4903-1

The seagulls must be happy for this time of year also!

Here they come. Now, hopefully that attachment is a harrow. Anyone can correct me if I am wrong. :)

Aw, it's been a hard day's work!


  1. How fun for your boys to be around all that fun machinery - I bet they are lovin' life! I love the picture of sleeping JJ -the last picture. Sweet.

  2. We always said it with a bit of a hic accent, made us sound like drug dealers of to do the harowin. :-)