Friday, April 16, 2010

No Power, No Water

Tomorrow, we are getting our main electrical box all fixed up and organized. Which means we won't have power for a few hours, which means we also won't have water for a few hours. (I do not have to draw water from my well by hand, it is powered by electricity...just so you know.) I would try to do it by hand tomorrow, but I have heard that it's like 400 feet down through the ground. Okay, maybe not that much, but it's a long ways. So wish us luck tomorrow. Hopefully it won't take too long. Otherwise we'll be living like those in a house too far outside of town for power lines to reach and I don't think they have indoor plumbing. Sometimes I think it sounds nice to live a simple life...No TV distractions. No facebook distractions.... I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow....If I never get back on the computer, you will know that I enjoyed the simple life and decided to stay there.

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