Monday, April 19, 2010


These farmers get up before the crack of dawn, and work outside in the snow, rain, and burning sun. They can lift anything, build anything, and fix everything. Then after a long hard day of toil, sweat, and cow manure, they collapse onto the couch and watch an episode their favorite show………. Glee!


Yesterday after church we were chatting with a couple, and one of the farmers asked my husband if he'd ever seen the show, Glee. I piped in and said, "Hey, I heard that was your favorite show!" He looked right at me, pointed his finger, and said, "Hey, don't you tell anybody that!" and "Don't talk so loud! There are a lot of people around!" Haha. I told him that I'd go ahead and just post it on my blog. He said, "Don't you dare!" So here I am.

He mentioned there was a little, just a little bit, of singing in this show....

I think I heard him humming this song as he drove away...

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