Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Moley

Remember Moley and her kittens?

Well, here they are now...

They have really quite grown! And now that they are growing, they can eat "real" food. I don't just mean cat food, I mean REAL food. Such as this:

Moley is such a good mommy. Every day she catches at least one mouse for her kittens. It's really such a sweet thing to come out to my garage and find a dead, bloody mouse on the ground.
But I guess I should be grateful that Moley is such a good "mouser." And that she is teaching her children that they should aquire a taste for mouse. Maybe she will soon start teaching them to catch them by themselves. Then soon, I will probably have five dead mice in the garage.

I can just hear Moley now. "See here, children. If you want an owner to like you and keep you..."

"Then you must catch one of those things often."

"It's very important, children. If one of those creatures gets into your owner's house. Then they will feel you are not doing your job."

"So go ahead, and try it."

I'm not sure which bothers me more: Facing the reality that there are all these mice running around the outside of my house, or the new bloody skid marks across my garage....

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  1. My dog used to catch and eat mice all the time when we lived in Utah. I was always too grossed out to touch him for a few days after I saw him eat one. I would shudder ever time he licked me. Nasty. But... once he started eating them we never caught them in the kitchen (or the rest of the house).