Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cow Plates...


I love these plates. When I was dating my husband, and came up to his house for the first time to meet his parents, I ate off these plates. I thought they were so fun and so neat, since ya know, we have 300 cows up here. So they have a whole set of dishes with cows on them!

Well, we just found out how "classy" we really are. Seems like these plates are quite the set. They are now selling for $25 a piece!! So... if you come to visit us, and get to eat off of these plates, you should feel very honored. :) Unless we sell them before that. Just kidding, Mom!


And this picture above? Well, this would be a female cow. Why do I meantion that? Oh because I had a little lesson in cow anatomy the other mistake.

I was out at the feed lot with the cows. And just like any day, many of them were doing their "business" when all of a sudden I realized one cow in particular was going "number one" out of his belly. That really caught me off guard! I thought something was wrong! So my husband quickly explained to me that yes, the female cows go in a different place, not their bellies. I had just witnessed a male cow relieving himself. This was my lesson for the day. Very interesting huh? Hey, I live on a farm! Just be grateful I didn't provide pictures of this one. I thought the video from my "Parking Lot" post was enough on this subject. :)

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  1. Those plates definitely are fitting for the farm (and your blog title).