Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Feed Lot and a Parking Lot

Not only do we have a Feed Lot....

But we also have a Parking Lot!

See... Parking Lot and Feed Lot....

But soon, we will be losing our parking lot. My husband (the extremely organized person that he is) has arranged for someone to come and pick up ALL the old cars and machinery. In turn, this guy pays us per ton of steel and we'll be able to re-roof the house. Pretty great, huh?

Today he went through all the cars and steel whatevers, and marked them with an 'X'. Which I guess means the guy can take "it." I thought we could just say "Take everything," but I guess there's always procedures and protocol to follow.
(Yes my child is still in his jamma pants! And no, I don't get up and do early morning chores.)

They can take this stuff too... I don't even know what it is...

Anybody want a boat?

My cowboy made the comment that we should take the bumper off this '47 Chevy. "It's a really good bumper." Yes. He was serious.

All this while the cows looked on....

I thought you might like to see the cows in a movie.. not a still shot. So here you go. Watch out. It's very "action-packed!"


  1. you could turn that old chevy in Mater from Cars, put it in the backyard, your boys woud play for HOURS!

  2. Oh wow, that would be a GREAT idea! See, I need to be more creative. Hahaha. Love it!

  3. My favorite picture is the one of JJ following his dad. Their strides match!

    And that really is a brilliant idea about turning that truck into Mater. GENUIS. What a dream for any kid.

  4. I love your blog! You are so funny :)