Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sick Baby

We have a sick baby.

Last night it was freezing cold, snowy, and windy. We woke up to this.

And we woke up to a sick baby calf....

I feel so bad for the baby. She couldn't even stand up. So my husband put her in his pickup and brought her inside the shop. He put her in front of a heater, gave her a shot of medicine, and has been bottle feeding her all day.

JJ held the bottle while Daddy put his boots on.

Then Daddy went out to feed the baby.

She ate for a little bit..
But she didn't eat enough and was so tired. So my husband had to squeeze the rest of the colostrum into the baby.


Poor little baby calf. I just felt so bad. It's always so sad when babies are sick! Even Moley, the cat, felt bad for the baby and came over to see how she was doing. I tell ya. It's hard for any mother to see any baby so sick.

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