Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kids Say the Darnedest...

Something else that amuses me by living out in the country, are all the conversations I hear the kids having. I promise that city kids never have these conversations, and the 4 year olds do not know the same things as county-living four year olds. For example...

Yesterday I took JJ to preschool. One of the little four year olds came out in the hall to talk to me. Cutest little kid with the cutest voice. It took me a while to catch on to what he was saying, but this is what he said,

"Da know, da daddy dows will huwt da baby dows, so we godda sort dem out. We sorted out our dows yesterday so da mamas and baby dows are togewer and da daddies dows are not. My uncle sorted da dows too. He's gots lots a dows too. And da know? Sometime somefing can huwt da dickens and the dicks. We haf a be caweful. Dey are dust liddew, our dickens and dicks. We haf lots a dem too. But dey are not as big as dows!"

And at church on Sunday, I was passing a group of teenage boys who were talking about how many shots it took to take down the sick cow the other day. "You wouldn't believe it. We used a (insert name of gun here) on her and she wouldn't die! It was crazy! And then Bill over here got his gun out and started shooting too. Finally she went down. It was the darnedest thing."

But moving on from kids, yesterday a guy came over with his truck and a trailer of something and dropped it off at our house. I had gone outside to pick JJ up from the bus stop when he stopped and asked me to relay a message to my husband. He said, "Well, I'm going to take this and mix him 25 acres. I think that's what he wanted. If you hear from him, let him know that, would ya?"

"Uh huh, okay. "(What in the world are we talking about? I just acted like I knew.)

"I'll try to get it back here really soon, although I don't know if he can spread right now -the wind is blowing so hard. Maybe it will die down and he can tonight."

"Yeah, hopefully."( I'm smiling and laughing, cause you know. I know what we are talking about.)

"Okay, see ya!"

"See ya!"

Come to find out a little later, we were talking about fertilizer. I had NO clue!